Frequently Asked Questions

Your questions, our answers.

How can I pay?

Pay Online.

You can pay your monthly statement via the internet using your On-Line Banking Service. If you decide to use this method of payment, visit your bank's website and choose Fountain Water from the list of payee/billers.

Currently you are able to pay your statement with the following banks:

  • Interac e-Transfer
  • TD Canada Trust
  • CIBC
  • All Credit Unions
  • Presidents Choice

You can leave a cash or cheque payment with the Water Delivery Representative OR you can pay with VisaMaster Card, American Express, or Visa Debit. Please contact our office for details at 519-453-7052

What type of plastic does Fountain Water use?

The plastic water bottles that we use are Health Canada approved reusable poly carbonate. The Canadian food inspection agency monitors all the products we use in the production of our bottled water. Our bottles are sanitized with food grade products and ozone.

Where do you deliver?

Bottled water delivery area:

Delivery routes in London, St. Thomas, Exeter, Woodstock, Tillsonburg, Thorndale, Alymer, Delhi, Stratford, Clinton , Listowel, Strathroy and all areas in between.  

Please call or email us for more details.

My water cooler or water bottle is leaking, how do I fix this?

A leaking bottle is often due to a pin hole that is present in the bottle. This usually looks as though the water cooler is leaking from the bottom when in fact it is the bottle. Water coolers just don't start leaking unless they are knocked over or mishandled. Water coolers work on a vacuum principle, so when you put a bottle on the cooler, it will stop bubbling or gurgling when the water reaches the neck of your bottle inside your cooler reservoir. If the bottle has a hole in it, it will fill higher than the neck of the bottle inside the cooler. It can't be seen and water will run down the back of your cooler and pond on the floor to appear as if your cooler is leaking.

This is a common problem for people always filling the same jug at a water refill station. When you use our returnable jug with a new jug every delivery, it greatly reduces the risk of a pin hole in your bottle. Here are steps you can take to see if you have a leaking bottle or a leaking cooler:

  1. Unplug your water cooler.
  2. Take the bottle off the cooler and drain the water reservoir through the taps until empty.
  3. Tilt your cooler on a 45 degree angle to see if water is gone from the bottom of the cooler. (Drain if not)
  4.  Replace the bottle with a new bottle and drain out a cup from each tap.
  5.  Plug your cooler back in.
  6. Monitor your cooler for a few hours to ensure it is not leaking.

Note: If it is one of our bottles that is leaking give our office a call and we will reimburse you for that bottle. Please mark the bottle with tape on the neck, and a note saying it was leaking.

How to clean my water cooler?

  1. Upon completion of a bottle of water, unplug the cooler and remove the empty bottle.
  2. If your cooler is fitted with a safeguard or non-spill system, remove this by turning it to the left and lifting out. Models vary or gently pry around the rim of the safeguard with a flat-head screwdriver until it lifts up sufficiently to pull it from the cooler reservoir.
  3. Remove the baffle from reservoir. The baffle will be either a blue or white plastic disc with a funnel. The baffle can be washed in warm soapy water, being sure to rinse thoroughly.
  4. If there is water inside the reservoir, drain all of the water out through the tap(s). Save for future use if you wish.
  5. Pour 1 cup of vinegar and 3 cups of hot water into the cooler reservoir. Using a clean cloth sponge or dish brush, clean the entire inner surface of the reservoir. If calcium build-up is severe (white coating in reservoir or flakes in water) allow solution to sit in the reservoir for an hour or so and then scrub the reservoir. Drain solution out through tap(s).
  6. Rinse out the reservoir by filling it with clean water, and then draining out through the tap(s). If you have two taps, alternate taps as you drain. Rinse with clean water until there is no taste and/or odour of vinegar.
  7. To further sanitize, you mix 1 teaspoon of bleach into 4 litres (1 gallon) of water in the reservoir of the cooler, let stand for 5 minutes and drain out through the tap(s). Be sure to thoroughly rinse the solution out by repeating step 6 until no odour of bleach remains.
  8. Reinstall cleaned baffle and Safeguard system, then place a new bottle on the cooler can be cleaned using mild soap and water solution. Never use an abrasive cleanser on any surface of your cooler. Make sure all exterior surrounding areas are dry before plugging the cooler back into the electrical supply.

Where are your distributors?

Please see list below of locations that carry bottled water.

Company Name - Address

  •  Studer's Variety - 350 John St South, Aylmer
  • Canadian Tire Store - 1975 Dundas St. East, London
  • Corks Winery -725 Notredame, London
  • Thorndale Food Market - 180 King St., Thorndale
  • Hoskin Feed & Country Store - 171 Railway Ave., Komoka
  • Marc's Gas & Variety - 9554 Plank Rd, Straffordville
  • HydePark Feed & Country Store - 1830 Gainsborough Rd., London
  • Granton Pioneer Gas Station - 24303 Highbury Ave (at Hwy7) London
  • Mugford Freshmart - 56302 Heritage Line, Straffordville
  • Rose's Sandytown Variety - 9292 Plank Line, Straffordville
  • Foodland Lambeth - 2295 Wharncliffe Rd S Lambeth
  • Maitland Gas & Convenience - 46 Maitland Rd Muncey, ON
  • Shoppers Drug Mart - 204 First St., St. Thomas
  • Shoppers Drug Mart - 1657 Dundas St., London
  • Eden Store - 11536 Plank Rd., Eden
  • Mennomex - 49919 Talbot St. East, Aylmer
  • Talbot Variety - 6657 Springfield Rd., Mt Salem
  • Dixie Dairy Bar - 51 Kains St., St. Thomas

No water from the cooler?

If no water is flowing from your bottled water cooler or dispenser, the reservoir has become frozen.

To thaw a frozen reservoir, first safely remove the plug from the wall electrical socket. Remove the water jug and the non-spill lid (if your unit has one). If you see a block of ice in the reservoir, just leave the water dispenser unplugged for at least four or more hours to allow the ice to melt.

If your water cooler was frozen you should probably adjust the temperature of the thermostat down. Look for the small brass screw on the back and turn it one-quarter turn down. Replace the bottle and plug the cooler back into the electrical source.