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We Carry Trogan / Viqua / Sterilight / U.V. Dynamics

Fits 3 and 5 Gallon BottlesGreat for the cottage, RV, or camping!
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Drum Deposit of $90 required. Out door fork lift required.
Water Cooler Cleaning Kit $12.99
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We carry Trojan / Viqua / U.V. DynamicsYearly lamp replacement is $66.00 - $85.00Ultraviolet water purification is the most effective method for disinfecting bacteria from the water. Ultraviolet (UV) rays penetrate harmful pathogens in your home's water and destroy illness-causing microorganisms by attacking their genetic core (DNA)(electrical outlet required & 5-micron pre-filter)
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Prices reflect in stock items only.PowerVotage 115, 220, 110Frequency (Hz) 50/60Power Consumption 4.83A / 547W / 115VCold Power Consumption 1.51A / 109.4W 115VHot Power Consumption 3.87A / 449W / 115VES (kWh/24 hrs.) 0.755% lower than ES Standard 13%Hot Water SystemAvg. Hot Water Temp at Nozzle @ 77℉ Ambient (Cut-in / Cut-out Temp) 167℉ +/- 9℉ / 187℉ +/- 4℉Hot Water ARI Rating 45, 6 oz. > 165℉ +/- 10%Hot Thermometer / Heat Limiter 203℉ +/- 5.5℉Hot Thermostat / Thermistor Cycle 167℉ +/- 9℉ / 187℉ +/- 4℉Hot Water Flow Rate 0.67 - 0.73 oz./secHot Tank Size (L) 2.0LHeat Band Wattage 450WCold Water SystemAvg. Cold Water Temp at Nozzle @ 75℉ Ambient (Cut-in / Cut-out Temp) 45.87℉ / 42.2℉Cold Water ARI Rating 24, 5 oz. > 50℉ +/- 10%Cold Thermostat Set Point 45℉ + 3℉/-8℉Cold Water Flow Rate 1.4 oz./secCold Tank Size / Usable Volume / Below Baffle Cold Water (Liter : Gallon) 3.78 / 2.08 / 1.51 : 1 / 0.55 / 0.4Weights and MeasurementsNet Weight (Lbs.) 27Gross Weight (Lbs.) 30Max Distance from Drip Tray to Faucet (Inch : mm) 7.8 : 199Cooler Dimensions / Boxed Dimensions WxDxH (inch) 12.4x13.78x42.91 / 13x13.9x43.9Container Load (20’) 224Container Load (40’) 462Container Load (40’ HC) 462Container Load (45’ HC) 518Certifications eTL ListedModels (H&C) IB210R, IW210R, IB110R, IW110RWarranty2 years: Sealed refrigeration system and Parts (electrical to include cold controls, relay overloads and PCB’s)
Sqwincher Liquid Concentrate (electrolyte replacement hydration drink) 64 fluid oz. yields 5 gallons or 18.9L. Flavours are: Orange, Grape, Tropical Punch, Mixed Berry, Fruit Punch, Lemonade Lite flavours also available (sugar free) 5 gallon/18.9L bottle premixed
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Call us today for a free one month trial!No more deliveries; no more lifting, fewer invoices, no more wasted storage spaceThe rental price includes all maintenance calls, a clean cooler yearly and new filter. No contract required. 2-year warrantyBottleless Water CoolerLet us help you find a solution for your needs. The Quantum 1000 Drinking Water System is installed inside the water cooler, providing safe, great-tasting water without the inconveniences of a bottle.The Quantum 1000 is an absolute 1/2 micron filter(1/50,000 inch), removing up to 99.8% of all particles like dirt, rust, asbestos fibres, harmful cysts such as Giardia (Beaver Fever) and Cryptosporidium, as well as lead, chlorine and other offensive tastes and odours like algae. 1 year capacity on average.The Quantum 1000 Drinking Water System reduces or removes the following contaminantsLead and chlorine 95-99%Bad taste and odor 95-99%Dirt, rust and cloudiness 99+%Cryptosporidium parvum cysts 99+%Giardia lamblia cysts 99+%Entamoeba histclytica cysts 99+%Mold and algae 95-99%Asbestos fibers 99+%Oxidized iron, manganese & sulfides 99+%All particles ½ micron and larger in size 99.9%Is your home or office going thru 5 bottles or more? Then there may be some savings with this option.
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Holds 200 cups. Fits 4oz - 5oz cups.