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Patented Formula99.5% PureIncreases Softener EfficiencyDissolves Evenly / Leaves No ResidueEliminate Bridging and Mushing Guaranteed
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Extremely reduced Corrosion to vehicles/property by 80%Lowest Application RatesQuick and Effective to -30 CelMade from the Latest in Runway de-Icing Technology used at Commercial Airports and Military Bases in North AmericaLonger LastingSimply …. the best
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Simply SafeMelts down to -15C
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Multi Purpose All Season UsesDust Control for Unpaved SurfacesPowerful Ice & Snow MelterConcrete Additive for Faster Setting and Strength Tractor Tire Weighting* Will carry according to volume
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Ultimate ice melt productNo harmful chemical additivesAnti-corrosion formula CMA 71% less than saltFast dissolving technologyEffective to -30CPet friendly* Will carry according to volume
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99.8% PureVirtually 100% Water SoluablePatented “Softener Care Additive”No More CleanoutsFor All Types Of SoftenersResists Bridging and Mushing* Will carry according to volume
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Crystal Salt 99.6% Pure SaltFormulated for High Iron ContentVirtually 100% SoluableFDA- Approved AdditiveHighly Effective Rust RemoverMinimizes Bridging and MushingKeeps Softener Running Smoothly and Longer* Will carry according to volume
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NaturalVital to good health and nutritionEnvironmentally friendlySafe for use in all softeners* Will carry according to volume
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Quick DissolvingContains No AdditivesFor All Salt Water ChlorinatorsEliminates The Need To Handle & Store Hazardous Chemical ChlorineIdeal also for Spas